The Picnic Day's journey started in 2021 to celebrate optimism and creativity of little humans. Everything is possible in their imaginary world- from building an apple house to soaring like a bird across the ocean. Their stories are filled with limitless positivity. Our products embody that laid-back, quirky and optimistic mood mixed with sophisticated Japanese / New Yorker essence. 

  Located in the heart of West Village New York, our concept store represents the happy world of TPD with non-toxic toys, colorful accessories and chic home decor items curated for clients with style and vision.


Life is a picnic - and our environment matters

At The Picnic Day, we do our best to lower environmental impacts: Our labels, tags and packing bags are biodegradable. For products, eco-friendly materials and methods are used whenever possible. Most importantly, timeless esthetic and quality materials make it easy for parents to pass the clothes on to next kids. The longer the clothes are worn, the better it is for the planet. All for everyone to enjoy the picnic :)